Cycling 2021

A start to another unusual year of cycling for me. Still no velodrome locally, other kinds of bike racing is happening more virtually than in a group setting, although that is slowly changing. For now the early season is filled with daily coaching plans from my coach in Glasgow, Robert Ferguson, Zoom trainer rides hosted by me, (Covid safe), working on getting a MN Cycling Center junior training program up and running for this summer, trying out virtual “races” which are done alone sometimes on a set course and sometimes on a course picked personally and logged into a hosting site for results and whatever I can think of to be positive and productive. All in all, still very strange as we get used to a new world around us.

I’ve started to add some stories to the menu at the top right under Cycling 2021 if you have some follow interest. The first is a description of a 3 event Omnium “race” I just finished up.

Overlooking La Crosse WI

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