What should we do with 2022?

It’s only the 4th of January so we have some time to change that resolution that wasn’t going to hold anyhow into an idea to make 2022 something to be proud of? Well at least something to be better than 2021. Stop thinking about what was and start figuring out what will be. There are a ton of hurdles and challenges but with them come some opportunities, figure them out. Try something new or think about what we did before we got so into that world of the future. Life existed in good ways prior to COVID and they can again.

Look to the menu button and the 2022 beginning plans, a few hurdles to make them reality but what the heck

It’s now almost mid May and my spring, summer and fall calendar is about filled to max. Plans to teach track cycling to juniors, good and bad. I found a place to host it, thank you Canterbury Park for free use of your parking lots, but we obviously haven’t marketed it good enough because the first four week session has no registrants, dang. Maybe the second session. MNCC and I are still teaching 4th graders at Seward Montessori how to ride bikes and the science behind bikes. Anyone involved in schools and Covid related issues can understand the challenges there. MNCC/Twin City Bike Swap is happening on May 15th, I’ve got a bunch to do to help with that.

Sailing on Lake Superior 2022, well looks like that is on hold because Australia is calling. I’ll be in Australia from mid July until mid Sept so it makes no sense to get a boat in late May and out again late June. I am sad about that but this Austrailia adventure is a once in a lifetime chance. Sailing will come back in 2023.

Training for bike endurance fitness is a top priority now. I guess 2022 took charge and I’m hanging on the best I can.

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