Teaser for August 2022 for me, more to come

Perth Start of an adventure with Bushy and Scotty

Plans are in the making. Airline tickets are purchased. Tourist Visa application is done waiting approval. (Maybe should have gotten that before buying plane tickets eh?) The new TI gravel bike is built and tested, a few times. Fit and finish seem good. Lighter bike for travel and just because I don’t want to ride a heavy bike for a monster of a trip like this.

Fly to Sydney July 15/16. It is on the other side of the date line so there is a major time change plus just a bunch of hours in the air. From Sydney, a couple hour drive to Goulburn, home base to get organized. Home of my best mate Chris, aka Bushy and his mate Scotty. Bushy has his van sorted as a follow/support vehicle. He will drive it while Scotty and I ride all the days. Chris plans to get a few hours of ride time per day or every other day. Once organized, into the van for a long drive, maybe 45 hours, to get to Perth via Adelaide. Basically we drive the same route to Perth that we will ride back from Perth. (Except for the kilometers we ride on cycle paths)

I’ve been to Australia before a few times and seen a lot thanks to master tour guide Bushy but I’ve never been to the west. A minor little expedition into the outback a number of years ago but nothing like this plan.

So, hopefully this will get more than me excited about this trip, there will be a ton more to share, stay tuned

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