Friday mast down day in Afton 10.2.20

Go to the menu on the right and look for the page about Friday at Afton for a story about my Afton day.

Not the most exciting day of the journey up the river but necessary. Part of the reason for this river trip is not only to get to a closer to home winter storage but to get the mast down to prep for a change in marinas for 2021. The draft plan is to move to Barkers Island in Superior WI for next season. Some maintenance I plan to do will be easier to do with the boat 45 minutes away in St Paul rather than 2 hours away in Pepin Wi.

The Friday page is a description of some of the fun and less than fun parts of traveling by water. If anything, it is kind of a story about independently navigating the challenges of boat life in and around MN and WI where multiple seasons make it hard for boats, at least until winter passes.

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