Sailing, fall trip to winter the boat 9.29.20

Tuesday, 9.29.20, was the start of my planned boat trip from Pepin Marina in Pepin Wi to Watergate Marina in St Paul via Afton MN on the St Criox to use the gin pole there and get my mast down for the winter.

I’ve been adding daily details in the MENU area to the right on the home page. So if you want to know all the fun details, open the MENU, scroll down until you see the SAILING main header and then pick the day or days that show interest. I’m putting a day at a time up so right now Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are up as of today Monday Oct 5. I’ll keep adding one day at a time. I’m trying out some new Blog features and a new Theme trying to find the ideal look and feel, let me know if you have some suggestions and add comments if you like.

I’m traveling alone in a little 22 foot sail boat about 75 plus miles and my boat only has a mini one cylinder diesel motor so max speed is a little over 5 knots or about 5.5 MPH or so. Patience is the key, no way to make it go any faster. Not a lot of amenities on board a boat of this size but enough to call it a temporary home, at least for the 5 plus days it took.

As I look back, the weather last week was cold, wet and windy and then this week it is back up to summer like temps. Hard to make a plan and then hope the weather works in your favor. Last week it didn’t work in my favor but if you did things that were not much of a challenge, they would not be memorable and would not make good stories.

The trip in general started at the Pepin Marina in Pepin WI and ended at the Watergate Marina north of St Paul MN with overnight stops in Red Wing MN and Afton MN. It obviously was a success but there were definitely some challenges. Hope you like what you read.

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