Travels and Adventures, mostly track cycling but more to come

What you find here is a lot of reports and ramblings about my part-time career as a Masters Velodrome track racer.

It started out as comments about each event, how they occurred, what worked and what didn’t work as far as getting good results and getting through the events successfully.

What it has become is a chronicle of a lot of brilliant, exciting, demoralizing and great times. Track racing has taken me places I never would have expected and found me the best of friends in the process.

Click on the menu at the top right and a lot more of my cycling world will open, track bike racing, local, national and international.

As you scroll below there are posts/pictures of some of the fantastic places.

2020 has closed a lot of doors but has opened a lot as well. New posts in the future will let you see what’s on the other side of new doors yet to be opened..

Look and read away, hope you can feel at least a little of the excitment.

If you want to see the specifics of our Track Cycling Team and related race info you can also go to or find PJW Racing on Facebook. With 2020 Covid happening, not much to talk about, all races have been cancelled or postponed until safety prevails.

Pat Whelan

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